Mandy Starr has lived in Santa Barbara for the past eighteen years. As an artist and designer her influence was derived by the Impressionistic style and her travels.

Her desire to paint started from childhood and has grown into a strong passion. The paintings express the artists feelings through color, texture and strength which, make them come alive visually.

Her art has captured the elements of movement, drama, emotion and vibrancy. These dynamic paintings of color and style that surround the onlooker, pulsates and captures the spirit within.

We hope to excite you visually and stimulate you emotionally so that you will walk away with a deeper understanding of Mandy's artistic expression.

Mandy Starr
Selected Exhibitions:
2004-2007 Arts and Crafts Show, Santa Barbara, CA
2007 Fresco Restraunt, Santa Barbara, CA
2007 Open Wide Furniture Store, Santa Barbara, CA
2006 Art Walk LaCumbre Plaza, Santa Barbara, CA
2006 Affaire in the Gardens Art Show, Beverly Hills, CA
2005 Towles Court Artist Colony, Sarasota, FL
2005 4th Annual Art Show Women's Club, Laguna Beach, CA
2004 Ethan Allen Art Show, Ventura, CA
2004 Soho Restraunt, Santa Barbara, CA
2004 Light and Luminosity, Agora Gallery, SoHo, NY
2004 The Naked Wall, Santa Barbara, CA
2004 Athletic Club, Santa Barbara, CA
2004 New Comers Club, Santa Barbara, CA
2003 Reflections of Poverty Art Show, Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
(Honorable Mention)
2003 Art Walk, Ventura, CA
1998 Art Show and Display - Craig Cary Art Gallery, Brentwood Gardens, CA
1989 Art Display and Sale - Pascual's Restaurant, Santa Barbara, CA
1989 Santa Barbara Fair and Expo - Two first place ribbons
1988 Member of Goleta, CA Art Association Sale of Paintings
1988 Town and Country Art Festival, Sacramento, CA
2nd Place Award out of 200+ Entries
Thank you for viewing my art.
I hope you will find paintings that inspire you and purchase one for your home or office.